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Women & Work: Practical Living Series

This is the first of our Practical Living sessions, addressing different topics throughout the year. 

Why consider Women & Work? 

When we engage in productive activity, we are working - whether it is paid or unpaid, socially valued, or unrecognised.


We make choices throughout life about how we use our time and live for Christ in the callings he has given us. Having been saved by grace we are continuing to work out what our salvation means for us in practice (Phil 2:12).


So, thinking together about what work means for us from a biblical perspective is important. 

What are the sessions? 

The Women & Work: Practical Living mini-series provides 3 discussion-based and interactive sessions for women to consider and practically apply the biblical principles of work. Each session will stand alone, so if you would like to come but are unable to join us for all the sessions, please come for those you can! 

 11th January: History and Concepts of Work - reflecting on the influence of history on our understanding of identity, ambition and the 'empty nest' years. 

  8th February: God's Word on Work - considering the biblical purpose of work and how we should do it. 

14th March: God's Word and the Life Cycle of Work - applying biblical concepts to the seasons of growing up, launching into adulthood, balancing family and career, managing others and entering the 'open nest' time. 


Our sessions will be based on McCulley, C (2014) The Measure of Success – Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work & the Home B&H Publishing Group. You may find it helpful to obtain a copy of the book and read it for yourself, but the sessions will not assume that you have read the book in advance, and we will simply use it as a springboard for our conversation. 


Who is invited? 

The sessions are for women aged 16+: students & pensioners; married, unmarried & widowed; full-time mums & women in full-time or part-time paid employment, or unemployed. 

When will the sessions take place?

8:00-9:30pm, on the second Thursdays of the Spring Term 2024. 
(Refreshments from 7:45pm.) 
Where will we meet? 

At Heath Terrace. 

Please come and join us! 

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