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Emmanuel Church is committed to encouraging and equipping the women of the church to use their gifts, for the benefit of the whole church, both here in Leamington Spa and around the world, for the glory of God. Our Women’s Ministry Team aims to serve the women of the church in helping them grow in their love for the Lord Jesus, and living for him as 21st century women. We wholeheartedly embrace God's design for men and women - who are equal with one another, but differ in their roles and responsibilities.

The Biblical pattern (seen in Titus 2, and 2 Timothy 3) is for women in the church to teach and encourage each other in Godly living, to the benefit of the whole church, and for spreading the good news about Jesus. A central focus of our women's ministry at Emmanuel is therefore teaching Biblical womanhood that would be less appropriate in a "whole church" setting. We also look to create opportunities for friendship and fellowship, prayer support and honest and real accountability relationships. This may be through inter-church activities, one to one partnerships, cell groups or small groups for prayer and Bible study, as well as bigger events such as a breakfast or an away day, and occasional evangelistic events aimed specifically at women. The current team members are: Leo (staff), Helen C, Ali J, Jacqui J, Helen M., Jan, Milly, & Rachel D.  James Midwinter is our team link elder.  The team is deliberately made up of women from all stages and ages of life and with a variety of backgrounds, married, single, parents and those without children, so that we can reflect the diversity of the women in our church family.  Please speak to any of them if you have ideas and suggestions for women's ministry, or if you are (or know of) a woman in need of pastoral support.

Have a look at our helpful resources section for other useful articles and information.


Women's Ministry Training

We believe that women have a vital part to play in the life of our church family, and that they are gifted in every way, just as the men.  We share the conviction that these gifts are given for the good of the church and should be encouraged, developed and used wherever possible in line with scripture - i.e. 
what is known as a Classical Complementarian view of the callings of men and women - that men should lead in the local church in the roles of pastor and elders, but that there are countless other opportunities for women to serve in the church.  Therefore, a large part of our women's ministry emphasis is on developing and training women in all areas of ministry.

Our training is open to all women and run on the second Thursday evening in the month. 

Following our foundation module - which gave an overview of women's ministry, we have focussed in on particular areas.

In the past we have  focussed on Bible Handling skills, pastoral care.
This year we are planning a training day on sharing Jesus with others, and every day evangelism.

Details to come soon...


Women's Bible Study 

...meets at Heath Terrace on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.
A group of women of all ages spend time together learning from one another and from the Bible.
A crèche is provided for babies and toddlers.  Coffee from 9.30am study 10am - 11am

Each term we focus on a of the Bible with different women leads the study each week. We try to have a mix of Old and New Testament  - most recently Hosea, Philippians, Nehemiah, 1 Peter, a Bible overview of God's promises, the book of James, & the book of Micah. 
This term we are looking at:


'When Jesus says “I am"'

9th Jan - The bread of life (John 6:29-51)
23rd Jan  - The light of the world (John 9:1-7)
13th Feb - The gate & the good shepherd (John 10:1-16)
13th Mar - The resurrection and the life (John 11:21-25)
27th Mar - The way, the truth & the life (John 14:1-6)
10th Apr - The vine (John 15:1-5)

Ladies Prayer Group

...is a small group of women meeting on the third Tuesday in the month in someone’s home, with the purpose of supporting and encouraging each other in prayer.  New members are always welcome.



Women's Away Day

Each year we have an away day for all of the women of the church to spend time learning and discussing together.
Talks from previous away days are available to download in our media section

Women’s Breakfasts

...run two or three times each term, for all women. 8.30AM for BREAKFAST (TALK STARTS AT 9AM)
This series covers God's UNIQUE design for us as women, click on the linkto catch up.

unique iconPart 1 - Someone to be celebrated

Part 2 - Broken, but changed

Part 3 - Helpful and useful

Part 4 - Self-controlled

Part 5 - A beautiful model

Midlands Women's Convention

Each year a number of women attend the midlands women's convention in Solihull.  
If you missed out last year, don't worry, the talks are available to listen to online here.

Surrendering the Secret

An 8-week study for women who are living with the effect of a past abortion, helping them to find healing through honest, interactive Bible study. 
It’s time to let go of the shame, accept His forgiveness and heal. All you need is to be willing. Please get in touch.

Want to get involved in women's ministry?

There are many ways in which you can serve other women in the church, and everyone can (and should!) be involved.
If you would like to be a prayer buddy, or offer one-to-one support to a student for a year, visit someone, or get up on a Saturday morning and cook breakfast, we can use you! Please get in touch with the team.

  • Would you like to be involved in the discipleship of a new Christian?

  • Are you unsure how you could serve in the church?

  • Do you have questions, but no one to ask?

  • Are you unsure of your gifts? or how as a woman they can best be used?

  • Would you like to know more about how to study the Bible?

  • Are you worried that you aren’t growing spiritually?

  • Do you just need someone to talk to, or someone to pray with you?

If you have questions like these, or about the Christian faith, please contact Leo, our women's ministry worker.


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