Care Team

Life can be hard.
We all face times when we are in need of help from others; times of ill health or bereavement, when we feel alone, perhaps a new baby send our world into a spin, or we just feel overwhelmed.

As a church we seek to gloify God in all that we do. One way we proclaim Christ is by demonstrating his love in the way we care for one another, especially at times like these.

Our home groups are the place we can get to know each other more closely. In these smaller groups it is often easier to share needs, and in the majority of cases it is the home group which provides any needed support. If you have not yet joined a home group we would encourage you to consider joining one.

care team card imageEmmanuel also has a care team. The team provide support in addition to that given by the home group (there is a member of the team in each home group) and are able to arrange help where it is needed.
This may mean organising something practical, such as transport, meals, shopping or laundry, or maybe a visit to pray or simply give a listening ear.

The team don't meet all requests personally, but know how to get the help that's needed sorted out.

How can I get in touch?
Just click on the image to email the team directly

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